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2007年12月11日 (火)

R.I.P. Mel Cheren ; Paradise Garage Memorabilia

R.I.P. Mel Cheren ; Paradise Garage Memorabilia

Mel Cheren (January 21,1933 - December 7, 2007) was a New York gay entrepreneur and owner of West End Records.
West End Records was co-founded by Mel Cheren in New York City in 1976 and predominantly published disco music.
Mel was romantically involved with Michael Brody, the owner of the famous Paradise Garage club, for which Mel also provided financial backing.
West End Records was closely associated with the Paradise Garage and Larry Levan.
Mel offered GMHC a couple of rooms for offices in a rooming house in Chelsea owned by him.
He died of complications of AIDS on December 7, 2007.

A memorial is planned for January 21, 2008, the date of his birthday.

Mel comments on Paradise Garage & Larry Levan
(from Channel 4 documentary "Pump Up the Volume" aired in 2001)

Love Saves the Day - The Birth of Disco


Gwen Guthrie Live at the Paradise Garage Closing Party


In 2003, Cheren penned the autobiography My Life and the Paradise Garage, a heartfelt first-hand look at the destruction of the music culture from the AIDS epidemic, which, sadly, is the very thing that ended his own life.

My Life and The Paradise Garage : Keep On Dancin'

パラダイス・ガラージの時代 ― NYCクラブカルチャー・光と影

The Godfather of Disco

Pioneer. Activist. Survivor. The Godfather of Disco is a documentary based on Mel Cheren's autobiography, My Life and the Paradise Garage: Keep on Dancin'. Through a series of interviews with a whos who of the dance music community, Mel's extraordinary story is recounted.

The Godfather of Disco Trailer

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