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2007年5月19日 (土)

Ian Curtis : from him to eternity (or Cannes)

Ian Curtis : from him to eternity (or Cannes)


Control, Ian Curtis, BBC Newsnight Review

from BBC article
A British film about the life and death of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis, starring a first-time actor, has earned a rapturous reception in Cannes.

from Guardian article
Control, Anton Corbijn's movie about Joy Division, is the buzziest film of the festival so far, at least among the British contingent.

from Telegraph article
Critics have described his portrayal of troubled singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide on the eve of the band's first American tour, as "spectacular" and "outstanding".
Yesterday it received a standing ovation at its premiere on the Croisette. Even surviving members of the group were impressed.
Peter Hook, the bass player with Joy Division and New Order which evolved from it, said: "He really caught the essence of Ian's character. It was like hearing Ian. It sent shivers down my spine."
Their biggest hit was Love Will Tear Us Apart. His illness and tangled love life as well as the increasing responsibilities of the band led to him being unable to cope with the world. He hanged himself in his home exactly 27 years ago today(17th May 1980), aged 23.

from Billboard article
Shot in stark black-and-white and set in gritty, unglamorous 1970s England, it re-creates the life of a singer who died unhappy and almost unknown but has secured a place in rock mythology.

The part came out of the blue for Riley, 27, who abandoned an acting career to take an unsuccessful shot at fame with his band 10,000 Things. When Riley heard about auditions for the film, "I was working in a warehouse in Leeds, folding shirts."

Netherlands-born Corbijn, who turns 52 on Sunday, photographed Joy Division for British music magazines and went on to design album covers for Depeche Mode and U2. When he moved to Britain in 1979, Corbijn said he was shocked by the country's austerity and poverty. "A lot of bands I met, including Joy Division, were kind of underdressed -- a thin coat on, smoking and shivering in the cold," he said. "When I met Sam, it was also in the winter and he was totally the same."

Pale and big-eyed, Riley resembles Curtis -- but more importantly, said Corbijn, he "had an innocence and a freshness that I was hoping for but never thought I would find."

"My whole memory of that period is black and white," Corbijn said. "There is basically no color photography of that band around. So it felt very proper to the project."

Interview with Anton Corjbin about the movie CONTROL


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